Groupwise 7 Upgrade – Netware to Windows

My wife recently started with a new company and, believe it or not, they still use GroupWise. After living her entire career in the Outlook/Exchange world, she was completely lost within the world of GroupWise. I quickly cleaned out my cobwebs and it all came back to me…

Realizing that GroupWise 7 is still in use today, I figured I would re-post some information I contributed to the community years ago. The situation I faced years ago was migrating an aging GW 5.5 running on Novel to GW 7 on Windows 2003. All said, it was a very un-charted path… I then proceeded to come up with the attached guide to help tread those unwavering waters. Perhaps by the powers of Google bots this will get picked up and perhaps useful to someone somewhere.

PDF Download: GW7_Upgrade

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